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FDR, Obama, and Anti-tax Republicans

August 22, 2009

imagesWithin the next few weeks, I expect to post the first Smith Review of Ideas and Letters entry, a review of Ted Widmer’s jaunt through American history entitled Ark of the Liberties. At any rate, I recently came across a fascinating quote in Widmer’s book pertaining to FDR’s opposition in the 30s, and thought I’d share. In the 30s, as now, it seems, there were those for whom no greater horror could be imagined than higher taxes. As Widmer explains:

Many in the Republican party, and their wealthy supporters found paying higher taxes a greater threat to their ‘liberty’ than the rise of Hitler and funded a variety of organizations designed to counter FDR’s warnings.

If the Republicans of yore were unwilling to pay higher taxes to fight fascism, it is probably safe to assume today’s Republicans are not going to budge on health care reform – which is why Obama should set aside bipartisanship in the coming weeks.

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