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Obama Stepping Up?

August 22, 2009

Obama’s critics on the left continue to worry that he is becoming a pushover in his quest for bipartisanship. The good news is that Obama appears to be listening. Compare, for example, Doris Kearns Goodwin’s critique of Obama on the Charlie Rose show this Thursday with Obama’s unequivocal denunciation of the death-panels rumor in his weekly radio and internet address just two days later:

Goodwin: There may have to be some real tough words being said [on Obama’s part], not just “I’m disappointed that they’re talking about death panels.” As Teddy Roosevelt would have said, “That’s a lie; that’s a damnable lie.”

Obama: As every credible person who has looked into it has said, there are no so-called death panels – an offensive notion to me and to the American people . . . These are phony claims meant to divide us.

While Obama doesn’t exactly call the death-panel rumors a damnable lie, I’d say “phony claims meant to divide us” comes pretty close.

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