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Think Before You Blog

November 10, 2009

I am seriously considering canceling my Matthew Yglesias newsfeed subscription. Presumably, the Center for American Progress requires Yglesias to meet blogging quotas each day, making it difficult to devote much time to any one post. That doesn’t, however, excuse his more than occasional substitution of bald assertions for substantive analysis.

In one of today’s posts, Yglesias takes up the fascinating question as to whether the media creates a double-standard by refraining from serious criticism of Islam (especially Islamic violence), even as it continually bashes Christianity. A little bit of reflection and a spell-checker might have yielded an insightful post. Here’s an excerpt of what Yglesias came up with:

After all, what are you really supposed to say about religion. After all, not only is the bishops’ statement [on the murder of abortion doctor George Tiller] kind of inadequate, but the central premise of Christian religion (the whole Jesus thing) is—according to me and to Jeff Goldberg too—totally false. Islam too! And yet at the same time we all need to coexist. And fortunately the vast majority of people professing every faith, along with the vast majority of those professing no faith, are rejecting violence and not killing people.

I hadn’t realized that the “whole Jesus thing” was totally false, let alone Islam. Some vague premonition that “we all need to coexist” has been swirling around in my brain for the past few months, but now I am sure of it. Meanwhile, it appears that the era of crusading and inquisitions has come to an end, as have the Soviet and Nazi persecutions. Who knew?

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