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A Recap on the ISJ’s One-Year Blogiversary

July 23, 2010

I have been “celebrating” the one-year blogiversary of the Innocent Smith Journal today by rereading and reflecting upon posts from the past year. What follows is a recap of a few of my favorites.

Some of the early posts in July and August seem to me now like pre-historic cave etchings, crudely lacking in such features of the modern blog post as block quotes and empirical evidence. But I will say that those early posts made up in frequency what they lacked in sophistication; for a while, I was posting every day or so — breakneck speed relative to my average of once or twice per week now.

By November, I had picked up some momentum. That month, I wrote a short, satirical play called “Bank Robbers” about Wells Fargo overdraft fees and the rage they inspire. I also wrote a “Letter to a Global Warming Denier,” in which I stressed the importance of sources and credibility in determining attitudes toward climate change — an argument I have developed further in other contexts (e.g. the Manzi-Chait debate over economic growth in “Values, Statistics, and Authority”.) The post is also notable insofar as it received an inbound link, a first for the ISJ.

Posting remained steady throughout December and January until, in mid-February, I wrote a “Commentary on Doubt,” a discussion of atheism and Enlightenment rationalism that drew huge traffic (relatively speaking) thanks to a link from the Daily Dish. Later that month, and spilling over into March, a series of posts analyzed the OPR Report on the Bush administration’s torture policies, the best of which was probably “Shocking the Conscience.”

In mid-March, I reconsidered the merits of my boyhood hero, GK Chesterton, in a post of considerable personal significance called “It Is Well For Us to Be Here.” Although I no longer belong to the American Chesterton Society — and deeply regret its hardening of Chestertonian insights into fundamentalist sectarianism — the quote I lifted from that organization’s blog is my favorite of all-time from Chesterton, and perfectly encapsulates religious belief and experience as I understand it.

The critique of philosophical liberalism in “Letter to a Global Warming Denier” and “A Commentary on Doubt” received its fullest expression in “The Semipermeable Liberal Bubble,” posted in mid-April. More recently, I did a series of posts on Islam, notably “A Feminist Beneath the Niqab?” — which brings us to the present.

No blogiversary post would be complete without some mention of my readers and commentators: a sincere thanks to all of you for caring enough to read this blog, and for keeping me on my toes!

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  1. July 25, 2010 6:50 pm

    Happy blogiversary, Innocent Smith! (I may have to steal that term, “blogiversary.”) Some of the posts mentioned above I’ve read, the others are now on my reading list. Keep up the great work. You’re still one of the smartest bloggers on my blogroll.

  2. innocentsmithjournal permalink*
    July 25, 2010 9:37 pm

    Thanks! Your readership means a lot to me, smudgedtext. I enjoy your blog too, and look forward to reading future posts.

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