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Insult of the Day

June 14, 2012

Like most people, I am disgusted by the vitriolic tone of so much of what passes for political discourse in America today. Lately, though, I’ve begun to develop a strictly stylistic appreciation for finely crafted insults between political opponents–which can on occasion rise to Shakespearean heights.

I figure: if you can’t beat them, enjoy them! And that’s what I intend to do here. Anytime I come across a particularly witty or uproarious insult, I will update the blog with a post titled “Insult of the Day.”

To begin with, here is a fine specimen from Glenn Greenwald:

In response to my argument over the last two days that ongoing U.S. aggression is making a Terrorist attack more rather than less likely, Sullivan rhetorically asked: “is he not living on the same planet I am?” Actually, I’m not: I’m living on the same planet as most of the people on Earth, who share these views and reject Sullivan’s; I’m living on the same planet as Ibrahim Mothana, who sees these truths in his daily life; I’m living on the same planet as the mountain of empirical evidence that explains why there are so many people eager to bring violence to the U.S. (as opposed to, say, Peru, or South Africa, or Finland, or Brazil, or Japan, or Portugal, or China).

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