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June 24, 2012

Exciting news: Patheos blogger and former atheist Leah Libresco recently announced her intention to convert to Catholicism. The best part is that she is going to maintain her blog (now in the Catholic portal) throughout the conversion process.

I must admit that I just discovered Libresco’s blog last week (h/t Mark Shea). But so far I am very much liking what I am reading–especially the part in her final post as an atheist about how Alasdair MacIntyre played a role in her conversion!

I will be especially curious as to how she works through her uncertainty about the Church’s stance on homosexuality. Will her conversion to Catholicism be a conversion to liberal Catholicism? Will she discover a firm intellectual foundation for Church teaching on sexual morality? Will she simply put her intellect to sleep on this issue, as have so many otherwise intelligent orthodox Catholics? Or will she find herself in the same intellectual wilderness as I am in?

Time will tell, I guess.

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